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Kia Artis, Brown Belt
      Kia has been involved in Judo since August of 2002 and currently holds the rank of Nikyu (2nd Degree Brown Belt). She is a Life Member of the United States Judo Association.
      Kia's competitive accomplishments have been quite remarkable so far in her short but solid career. Kia is a 4X State Champion, a 5X National Champion, and a U.S. Open International Champion.
      Kia won positions on the 2004 and 2005 Junior Pan American Team by being ranked on the United States "Elite Roster". In 2004 she competed in the Dominican Republic and 2005 in Costa Rica. Both years she represented the United States proudly by winning a Bronze Medal each year. Upon returning in 2005 she was presented the "Key to the City" by Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold. Kia is the 2003 and 2006 "Player of the Year" in her division for Indiana. Since 2004 Kia has been ranked in the top 5 her divisons. 2009 she finished ranked #2. 2011 Kia finished her 2nd year in the IJF 63kg division ranked #5.

From Kia herself...

My friend Katie Landrum decided to invite me to a class in August 2002 just to see if I would enjoy it and it was the best decision I ever made. Judo was the only sport at the time that challenged me mentally, physically, and emotionally. Most sports required a "team" effort, but this sport solely depended on me. The effort that was given in practice is the same effort I would put into a competition, and with the drive that I had, I knew that no one could stop me. I would dream of going out to my first competition and winning first place easily. That dream came to very fast and brief hault when I placed 3rd and lost to Katie my very first tournament. It was that exact moment I promised to work harder to be a better judoka.

Within two years of the sport I kept my promise winning different national titles and eventually landed a spot on the Pan Am team, not once, but twice. Spending countless hours on the road, planes, and cars with other judokas allowed me to develope friendships with people I still speak to 15 years later. As I grew older and needed to start making decisions for my future (college, etc.) my passion for the sport was still there, but instead of actually being on the mat I tended to be behind the scenes and coach by choice. Seeing younger students with the same passion and drive that I had as a child, pushed me to be the best role model within the sport I could be.

Fast forward a few years and Judo is still a passion. I have graduated college and now plan on moving to Atlanta to pursue a career in sports specific personal training. When I started college, I was a pharmacy major but with time I realized the passion I had for cutting weight, workout plans, coaching, and constant drills was one that I could not let die. Judo is what led me to my career choice now. The values that the sport instills in you are ones that can be carried a lifetime. With discipline, hard work, dedication, and most of all self-belief; anything is possible! Judo allowed me to travel the world and meet thousands of people across the nation. It led me to winning hundreds of tournaments and giving me the confidence to step out my comfort zone in life. Our clubs motto is this: "Try Your Best and Have Fun". For 15 years I have taken those same words and turned them into a lifestyle.

Judo is not just a sport; it is a way of life, and it changed my life.

2006 USJA Indiana Jr. "Player of the Year"
2005 City of Marion "Key to the City".
2003 Indiana Jr. "Player of the Year"

Competition Highlights

IJF 63 kg 2011 USJA/USJF Junior Nationals
Mwt Black Belt Indiana State Championships
Mwt Black Belt 2010 Glass City Invitational
Mwt Black Belt 2010 Hahn's Invitational
Black Belt Lwt 2009 Red, White, and Blue Classic
15-16 Mwt 2009 Kalamazoo Regional Invitational (Snow Throw)
15-16 Mwt 2008 Red, White, & Blue Classic
15-16 Mwt 2008 Trojan Warrior Classic
Black Belt Mwt 2008 Mountain Storm Invitational
13-14 Mwt 2008 Mountain Storm Invitational
14-16 Mwt 2008 Indiana Invitational
Juv A 53kg 2007 USJA Jr. Nationals
13-14 Mwt 2007 Ameri-Kan Invitational
12-14 Hwt 2007 Hahn's Martial Arts Open Invitational
11-13 Lwt 2006 America's Cup
11-12 Lwt 2006 Buckeye Open
10-11-12 Lwt 2006 Midwestern Championships
10-11-12 Hwt 2006 Gem City Open
10-11-12 SHwt 2006 Gem City Open
13-14 Lwt 2006 Gem City Open
15-16 Lwt 2006 Gem City Open
Juv A Mwt 2006 Ohio State Championships
Juv A Mwt 2006 Ohio Middle School
11-12 Mwt 2005 Red, White, & Blue Classic
11-12 Mwt 2005 Xen Classic
13-14 Lwt 2005 Xen Classic
11-12 Lwt 2005 America's Cup
Intermediate 2 48+k 2005 U.S. Jr. Open
11-12 Lwt 2005 Freedom Tournament
Juv A Mwt 2005 Ohio Jr Olympics
11-12 Mwt 2004 Ball State Invitational
Int 2 48+k 2004 USJA Jr. Nationals
11-12 Mwt 2004 Evansville Regional Inv
9-10 Mwt 2004 Indiana State Championships
9-10 Mwt 2003 Red, White, & Blue Classic
9-10 Hwt 2003 Red, White, & Blue Classic
9-10 Mwt 2003 America's Cup
Int 1 43k 2003 USJA Jr. Nationals
9-10 Mwt 2003 Southern Indiana Regional
9-10 Hwt 2003 Indiana State Championships

Black Belt Mwt 2012 Red, White, and Blue Classic
Black Belt Lwt 2010 Red, White, and Blue Classic
Juv B 63kg 2009 US Junior Olympics
15-16 Mwt 2009 Indiana State Championships
Black Belt 2008 Red, White, & Blue Classic
Black Belt 2008 Trojan Warrior Classic
Brown Belt 2007 Ameri-Kan Invitational
13-14 Lwt 2007 Indiana State Championships
12-14 Mwt 2006 Gurnee Veteran's Day Invitational
15-16 Lwt 2006 All Women's Judo Championships
Sr. Women's 2006 All Women's Judo Championships
13-14 Lwt 2005 Indiana State Championship
13-14 Lwt Southern IN Spring Inv
11-12 Lwt 2005 Indiana State Championship
11-12 Mwt 2004 Red, White, & Blue Classic
13-14 Lwt 2004 Southern Indiana Regional
11-12 Lwt 2003 Arnold World Games IV
11-12 Lwt 2004 Indiana State Championships
8-10 Hwt 2003 Michiana Regional
9-10 Hwt 2002 Red, White, & Blue Classic
8-9 Mwt 2002 America's Cup

Black Belt Mwt 2010 Indiana State Championships
Senior Team 2006 All Women's Championships
Juvenile A 53k 2006 USA Judo Junior Cup
Intermediate 2 48k 2005 Jr. Pan Am Games
Intermediate 2 48k 2005 USJI Jr. Olympics
11-12 Lwt Southern IN Spring Inv
Intermediate 2 48k 2005 USJA Jr. Nationals
Intermediate 2 48k 2004 Jr. Pan Am Games
11-12 Lwt 2004 America's Cup